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consulting, business talks

City is to make up for this shortcomings. Heng Lin International Floor City cluster will improve the industrial chain, the formation of production and marketing docking situation,coosa board australia directly reduce ...


first floor of the domestic enterprises through

interview with reporters That China's flooring products should have the cultural connotation of Chinese characteristics. The integration of wood from more to specialized southeast Asia is less and less used.composite ...


Laminate flooring cracks

1, floor essential oil: If the solid wood flooring appears above the relatively shallow scratches suggest using floor oil to deal with the floor with a layer of essential oil floor protection, so that minor scratches will not deepen the discoloration of the place.

2, polishing wax: If ...


Release wood floor paint

Currently on the market for the sale of wood flooring are generally dried under high pressure, stereotypes, paint the three processes, so that the wood itself with a variety of tree worms and eggs have been basically eliminated, choose as long as the attention to those who choose no insect ...


pavement design it! White flooring with rattan

Xiaobian today to bring you 10 white flooring pavement design case, allowing you to open your horizons. Below and Xiaobian take a look at these ten white flooring is how to pavement design it! White flooring with rattan, cotton fabric to make room for a cool feeling. The main tone of the room ...


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