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zhang xiaosan

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Floor purchase

Cork mats made using natural oak skin, will not be deformed, thermal insulation performance is also very good, of course, the use of ordinary plastic film mats. Mattress is too thick, leading to flexibility, flexibility, then the floor will move up and down, will have a moving noise, so under ...


Light wooden floor cleaning

Solid wood flooring with its natural, pollution-free features favored by the market, is relatively high-grade surface pavement materials, the corresponding maintenance work is also very important, require careful care of users.

In summer, especially during the rainy season, the warm and ... [more]

Summertime summer solid wood flooring

Summer high temperature, solid wood internal moisture is very easy to evaporate, resulting in shrinkage of the floor volume. In addition, air-conditioning try not to blow against the floor, if you feel indoors, you can humidify the air properly. Try to reduce direct sun exposure, avoid direct ...


Small area of ​​water into the solid wood floor

If in a very short period of time found in time the phenomenon of water, high-power vacuum cleaners can be sucked out. However, if a large area of ​​water will have to pry all the floor, according to the second program for drying. At the same time if the indoor humidity is large, if the ...


Dry and dry wood flooring maintenance

Repair shallow scratches, scratches the solid wood floor, first of all the ratio of detergent and water deployment by 10%, with a clean cloth wrapped mat to clean the ground, such as the ground is very dirty, to be cleaned after special Sand felt or sand again washed. Wait until the floor ...


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