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Sports flooring allows you to fall in love with sport

3.3 Welding technology of stainless steel welded pipe

The progress of the welding process has accelerated the development of stainless steel pipe production, and the application of various welding methods has further improved the welding quality and productivity.jiangsu steel Group Co. ...


July stainless steel trend

June scrap stainless steel steady strength. The beginning of the demand and the continued weakness in nickel prices under the influence of the overall maintained at low operation. Nippon Lun Nickel rebounded, but because of the purchase price of steel mills led to intense competition.


Stainless steel commonly used cold forming method

(1) rubber liner molding using rubber liner molding technology can significantly reduce the mold processing costs, can be used to produce small quantities of products. The molding mechanism used in this technique is made of a material that is not costly, for example, with a hardwood or ...


Galvanized sheet edge of the installation of luminous characters

1. Paste the word on the good position in the installation position, the people after the alignment hole with a drill hole holes in each hole to wear a red line out of a white line, then the word above the word line with the white line red line link;


6061 aluminum plate

(1) chlorine purification. Has used active gas chlorine as a cleaning agent (chlorination method). In the chlorination process, the chlorine gas into the aluminum liquid generated when many abnormal fine AlCl3, bubbles, fully mixed in the aluminum liquid. The hydrogen dissolved in the ...


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