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Personalized football jerseys as a brand new epoch in Sports equipment

Water & Waste Water Treatment Chemicals Market Analysis 2015

GCC water & wastewater treatment (W&WWT) chemicals are the specialty and commodity chemicals used for the removal of suspended solids, hazardous components, microorganisms and making it fit for drinking purposes. The water treatment chemicals are consumed for production of potable drinking water in desalination process along with industrial process water. Water participates in various industries which depends heavily on water for its processes mainly oil & gas, refineries, chemicals and fertilizer industry, power plants, food and beverages, mining and metals among others. Market for water & wastewater treatment chemicals in the GCC region is driven by depleting water reserves and harsh climatic conditions. polycarboxylic The region total water demand was about 4,070 Million Cubic Meters in 2014, with per capita consumption as high as 476 liters per day in Kuwait. Booming population ... [more]

Transforming dirty sludge into fresh water

At MANN+HUMMEL, we not only transform paper into high-performance filters; polycarboxylic acid polymer our very own waste water treatment system also converts our dirty water into clean water. In the past, we simply removed the oil from our waste water and fed it into the waste water system via a pump station. However, since August we have been running our own waste water treatment system. At the heart of the system are two ceramic filters, which remove micro-sized particles. But let’s start at the beginning: all production areas have a designated waste water container, where all the dirty water from floors, machines and systems is collected. The water contains solid particles, chemicals, heavy metals and oil concentrates. Just one drop of oil will contaminate 1000 litres of water, meaning it cannot be drained away.The dirty water from the collection containers is fed into the storage ... [more]

Kurita Leverages Synergies Between Its New Chemicals and Smart Water Investments to Grow in North America

Kurita Leverages Synergies Between Its New Chemicals and Smart Water Investments to Grow in North America Smart water company APANA (client registration required) announced last week that Kurita led its $3.5 million Series A round. With about 140 installations in North America, the majority of which are with wholesale giant Costco, APANA has found quite some traction since its inception in 2012. APANA offers its customers hardware, such as high resolution flow sensors and meters, as well as automatic meter reading (AMR) from third-party vendors, and bolts on its wireless gateway and telemetry equipment. Its innovation is in software algorithms, where it takes baseline water usage data for a large store or facility and optimizes operations to locate water leaks/bursts, water treatment chemicals exporters identify waste signatures, and equipment malfunctions. APANA leverages both cellular communications and LoRa (Low Power Wide ... [more]


SUPPLY OF WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS University Of Ibadan Invites Tenders for Supply of Water Treatment Chemicals.Tendersontime, a leading business leading Tender Notice Portals is the first agency to report this notification. The services under this assignment will generally include: Supply of Water Treatment Chemicals Bids are hereby invited from interested and reputable manufacturers and suppliers with relevant experience and good track records for the following materials: Submission of: (a) Evidence of Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) (b) Company Profile and Organization Structure, including names and resume of key personnel with address and phone numbers.acrylic acid copolymer (c) Verifiable list of pervious/similar major/project successfully executed in the recent past with their locations and clients. (Copies of completion Certificate/Final Payment certificate should ... [more]

Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals Due to the corrosive nature of the reaction process, Polyaluminum chloride (PAC) - a water treatment chemical used as a coagulant in the treatment of potable water to reduce turbidity - is produced in glass-lined reactors. We provide technologies, copper inhibitor solutions and services to the PAC industry for new plant installations, upgrades for improved uptime, reduced maintenance costs and improved product quality. We also provide complete PAC production facilities. We have the largest installed customer base for glass-lined reactors in the PAC industry. The benefits of our PAC technologies include: Corrosion Resistant Glass Glasteel? is the material of choice for the harsh HCl reaction environment. Our specially engineered abrasion resistant glasses are designed for the erosive nature of the alumina powder, helping to increase life cycle and reduce maintenance costs. ... [more]

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