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Floor installation quality problems


Floor installation quality problems

There are some common cracks in the following situations: the emergence of a triangular seam at the end of the floor, the terminal and the side at the same time triangular seam, or at the same time there are gaps in the side, and irregular distribution in the room.

Causes of cracks: Unilateral expansion caused by breathability at the damp-proof membrane junctions The moisture-proof membrane at the joints of the Laminate Flooring is not covered with waterproof tape, one side of the floor is above the moisture-proof membrane and the other side is at the junction of the damp-proof membrane. As the moisture-proof membrane is not connected with waterproof tape sticky, moisture fleeing led side of the side of the floor longer, the length of the two long sides of the floor, so that the floor end triangular seam.

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