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should be measured according to the actual


should be measured according to the actual

as wood texture with ground grain difference coordination. As for the color scheme, it should be measured according to the actual situation. 3, touch the handle, talking about the door panel process and quality problems. We can evaluate the quality of the product by simple representation. With the hand touch the door panel, no scratch, door paint surface smooth and delicate. Basically rely on these two, you

can know whether the work qualified. When it comes to the smoothness of door panels, now applied to wood doors, there are two kinds of open paint, sealing paint. They each have their own characteristics. Open paint is a fully exposed wood surface texture brown hole spraying process, characterized by clear wood holes, clear texture, a strong sense of nature, but its high cost, high spraying

technology requirements. Generally speaking, the opening paint requires that the brown holes in the wood must be deep and clear, such as oak, ash and so on. Closed paint on the surface is brown wood texture hole was completely closed for a paint painting process is the main feature of the wooden surface film plump, thick, light, smooth surface, sealing paint can be suitable for all materials. 4, front line line

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