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is widely used in interior decoration


is widely used in interior decoration

requirements. Sound absorbing mat: the color is black, and it is pasted on the back of the sound absorption board. It has fireproof sound absorption performance. Batten width: 195mm, 128mm or customized according to customer requirements. Strip length: the longest 2440mm or customized according to customer requirements. Tolerance allowed: width 0.1MM, length 2MM. Make-up: slab long

edge grooves and notches made according to the 90 degree angle to the actual needs of stitching. Two, use wooden sound-absorbing board slot slot wood sound-absorbing board suitable for opera, theater, studio, recording studio, studio, room, television, radio, business hall, multi-function hall, conference room, hall, hall, auditorium, gymnasium, music room, school, leisure entertainment city, hotel, KTV, band

room, computer room, workshop, villas or Home Furnishing life more stringent requirements of the acoustic place. The structure and use of slot wood sound-absorbing panels, small house here, I hope you understand the slot wood sound-absorbing board for more help, groove wood sound-absorbing board knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Groove wooden sound-

free composite wood samples
6 wide concrete deck planking
sliding wooden fence gate


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