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different decorative effects


different decorative effects

made of plywood doors, doors and door integral wardrobe and cabinet interior door. 6, wooden folding doors and windows: wooden folding door general unit wood door, plywood door, hollow woven wooden doors, wooden doors, wooden product and fabric curtain door, folding door activities mainly in the compartment, wardrobe door, interior door, interior door block etc.. 7, the wooden frame by

frame and wooden doors and windows: general glass, acrylic, blinds, gauze varies according to the design, the traditional whole piece of glass and wood frame combination, glass repair fixed by the triangle pressure, thickness of 33 40mm, cypress, fir, lauan wood available, by the size of the actual needs of the design. 8, wooden screen door, window with a wooden grid for semi permeable screen door for the

structure, such as surface with tissue or barrier paper becomes said door. Wooden gate for landscaping, door and windows, the bottom can also mirror wallpaper or ten, plywood and other landscaping. 9, Muxin: Muxin plate used as a closet door and cabinet, generally with 6 thick veneer surface paint or fireproof board, wallpaper, ten, beautify the surface mirror. The classification of wooden windows, small

plastic floor slats south africa
variegated color wooden plastic composite floor
6 ft wood fence picket in Hong Kong


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