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The Stonecore instance is located in Deepholm

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The Stonecore instance is located in Deepholm

The Stonecore instance is located in Deepholm, the earth elemental plane. The instance portal is runescape 3 gold located right in the center of the zone on a platform up the side of the pillar where you enter the zone.

 Once you know its rough location it is extremely easy to find. This instance is meant for players level 82-84 and can be extremely challenging if you are on the low end of that scale.Today we'd like to tell some details of Corborus to you.

If you want to Buy RS Gold Cheap,our site is your best choice. Corborus is the first boss in the instance and appears as a giant elemental worm made up of rock rings as segments. He is a very cool looking boss especially since he matches the theme so well.


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