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I am about to start this mermaid blanket

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I am about to start this mermaid blanket

Hi, I am about to start this mermaid blanket……Any tips?? Is it a really nice mermaid blanket, it looks a little big where it joins the tail. I started one pattern that I bought from Mary Maxim and I didn’t like how it was done……I really think there was something wrong with the pattern.

Hello, I have completed the crochet mermaid blanket part and am almost finished with the tail. I watched the video on this and on row 14 in the video you put 2dc in the first two st, but in the written instructions you say 2dc in the first st and then dc across. I followed the video for the entire tail, but I notice in the written instructions you say rows 16 -23 repeat rows 14 – 15. I followed the video and only put the 2dc in the first st and then dc across as you show in the video for rows 16 – 23. But someone following only the written instructions will not put the 2dc in the first 2 st on row 14. My tail looks even and I am getting ready to do the finishing rows 1 – 4. I still think in the video starting at minute 42, it looks like you are putting the 5 dc in the last dc of the previous row and not the sc. I have re-watched this a lot.I did not watch the video for the last rows on the blanket, but followed the written. I ended with 2 shells but when I folded it to sew together the 2 shells were not aligned as yours in the video. After saying all this, I want you to know that I never could have done this without the video. I am making this for my granddaughter for Christmas. Also, I did not get 50″ across. I got only 44″, but I think it will be big enough. I made the small size. She is 8. Thank you again for the pattern and video. LikeLike

Row 5-50: repeat rows 3-4 (Your last row will need to be a repeat of row 3, so you may need to do an extra row at this point.) If you feel like this is not long enough, or too long, you can add or eliminate rows and just continue to work the next round whichever row you end on. Make sure to end on a repeat row of row 3. The blanket should reach from the top of your hips to right above your ankle at this point. If it does not, make more rows and then go onto the instructions for row 51.


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