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CSGO Death Contest: Please Start Your Show


CSGO Death Contest: Please Start Your Show

When playing the CSGO, I’d like to recommend one gameplay for you: Death Contest. This model is the perfect driving range to improve the player marksmanship,en iyi cs go siteleri  after death you can immediately get full of blood resurrection, no longer always see teammates perspective. Even if you are the "loner" players who still have not learned to cooperate with your teamates, in this mode you also can find your own fun.

First we’d like to introduce the rules of the death Contest. The time of the death Contest is 10 minutes, choosing your favorite weapons to get points by killing the enemy, different types of weapons will get different points in killing the enemy. When you are died, in the map randomly pointng the position you can be rebirth, and the game will randomly appear reward weapons, with reward weapons to get the rebirth, then you will can get additional incentives when killing the enemy. The player with the highest points after the time is exhausted will be the winner.


As the player in this ten minutes can be simple and rough and unrestricted to attact, and in order to win they can only kill as much as possible, so tempering in the death Contest mode can be said to enhance the technology, and it is the necessary way to keep the hand touch.en iyi cs go jackpot So why in particular recommend the novice players to fight death Contest mode, just see the following reasons.


Zero death penalty

In the CS: GO competitive mode, the cost of death is very high. If in the start you can get the number of advantages, 5v5 turns into 5v4, the whole situation will change. And in a slightly lighter leisure mode, your death also more or less affect the team's offensive or defensive rhythm.  And death Contest after the death you can can immediately return to the battle, no need to worry about any death price, so let go of hands and feet training marksmanship, what the loss of any economic calculations are temporarily left behind it!


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