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The payoff from holding on a team-building event is simple to grasp

And also, as a final tip,

The payoff from holding on a team-building event is simple to grasp

The payoff from holding on a team-building event is simple to grasp; increased creativity and productivity!Workers spend day after day side by side in the office, but rarely get to know each other in social settings. Events can include pigskin relay, gunny sack races, hula hoop toss, croquette, volleyball, Frisbee, horseshoes, water balloon toss and beach scavenger hunt. This is never made simpler then by picking up a ball and having some fun.Catalina Island Jet-Ski competitionsMaybe your employees need to get extreme and live on edge for a day! Hosting a Jet-Ski competition always brings people together in a fun and exciting way!Catalina island is both affordable and easy to get to, making it a prime location for your corporate event.

Catalina Island is the perfect place for your corporate team-building event. Each milestone is documented with a polaroid camera and points are scored as each team meets their goals. Putting around the course is a great way to enjoy friendly competition and have a good laugh with your co-workers. Enough said? Golf makes for a great day outdoors, provides friendly competition, and keeps everyone focused on a goal. Participants learn about Catalina's abundantly rich history while practicing their teamwork. Activities can be easily customized to suit your taste. Events like this are crucial for overcoming sterotypes and breaking free from everyday routine thinking.Catalina Island Super Beach SportsGet your game on in front a private beachfront club a hundred yards from the beach. Two person teams work together to accomplish their goals.Corporate team-building is paramount to the success of any company. Kayakers are challenged to complete sklilled maneuvers like backwards paddling while navigating a watery course. The island is set up perfectly for these type of events, and it is just a short drive and ferry ride from San Diego or Los Angeles. The colorful kayaks, friendly competition, sunshine and crystal clear water brings out the kid in everyone involved!Catalina Island Golf TournamentsGolf Pros go home!

Tee off with Judy from finance. Your employees will love the ride over and a fun filled day of unique Island-Style team-building events, great food and drinks. Stimulated, happy employees are not only more resourceful problem solvers, they are more productive in a group environment. Following are some great ideas to add to your list of team-building events, all waiting for you on Catalina Island:Catalina Island Golf Cart Road RallyThis is no run-of-the-mill road rally! Four person teams take to the streets of Avalon in a one of Catalina Islands famous modified golf carts, armed with a colorful local area map and a booklet of Avalon trivia.Once your employees are on a level playing field, free from their hierarchies and job titles, they begin to understand the importance of being an interactive team, capable of reaching goals as a group. The safe, calm waters of Avalon Bay provide the perfect venue. For anyone who hates golf, there is always the golf cart and a cold beverage!Catalina Island Mini-Golf TournamentsPerhaps a day on the green is too much like your weekend routine. The private club is capable of fully catered lunches and dinners for large groups in its restaurant. Stepping out from behind the desk anb playing interactive games creates a whole new dynamic for your employees. Printed Yoga mat The road rally is a perfect way to explore the island, learn, and makes a great team-building experience. This is a great place to take over and make your own for a day!Catalina Island Kayak Relay RacesPaddle towards the finish line with your partner! Easy to maneuver two-person sit-on-top ocean kayaks PU Anti-stress balls provide the vehicle for this popular team-building event. Then hold your event at the Catalina Island Mini-Golf facility..


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