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Transit from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hangzhou China

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Transit from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hangzhou China

Transit from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hangzhou China Some of the most direct and affordable means of transferring directly from Shanghai Pudong airport to the major city of Hangzhou just a few hours south is via a long distance bus at the airport or the intercity bullet trains. This is a recommendation on how to utilize both services. The best option if one wants to reach the downtown portion of Hangzhou directly is to take the bus running to Wulinmen Ticket office 390 Tiyuchang Road, Chinese:This is centrally located just next to Wulin Square and will give one direct access to public transport, hotels and metro. driver shanghai The price is 110 RMB which one can buy from the long distance bus offices at the airport and at the stop. See where to find the offices below for more details. Here’s the schedule: This bus option takes visitors to another section of the city about 3km from the Wulin downtown area. The Dragon Sports center is just next to the Huanglong Tourist Hub (3, Huanglong Road). If staying in this district there are many hotels around and it is well connected via public transit and affordable taxis if one needs further transit. Cost is 110 RMB for a journey. The schedule is here:


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