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Frequency Classification of SMPS Transformers

XP Power Inductor

Frequency Classification of SMPS Transformers

An ideal SMPS transformers is relative to the audio and power transformer in terms of. But because the scope of high frequency is too wide, so it is difficult to clear the division. In this regard, we can work frequency in the audio above the transformer collectively referred to as high-frequency transformer. But in fact this name is not strict. Therefore, according to its operating frequency, we will be divided into the following high-frequency transformers:

First, according to the work band is divided by SMPS transformer manufacturer

1, single-frequency or narrow-band high-frequency transformer, it refers to the operating frequency of a single frequency or a very narrow frequency band, such as converter transformers, oscillator,

2, wideband transformer, it refers to work in a wide frequency range of transformers, such as impedance converter transformers, communications transformers, broadband power amplifier transformers and so on.

Second, according to the frequency range is divided into

1, kHz class SMPS transformer, it refers to the operating frequency of 20kHz to several hundred kHz high-frequency transformer;

2, MHz level SMPS transformer, see that is a working frequency of 1MHz above the SMPS transformer.

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