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Power Inductor Selection

XP Power Inductor

Power Inductor Selection

In the actual power supply design, the choice of power inductor is particularly critical. In DC-DC converters, the inductor is the core element behind the IC. By selecting the appropriate inductor, a higher conversion efficiency can be achieved. In the choice of inductors used when the main parameters are inductance, rated current, DC resistance and so on. Which in the choice of power inductor rated current, according to the specifications of the inductor, will find the inductor rated current there are two, the definition of these two rated current is what, in the selection of inductance, how should we choose the appropriate current parameter?

Two rated currents of power inductors

1, Heating Current

Power inductor DC-DC circuit, the current through, will consume a certain amount of power (copper consumption Copperloss + magnetic Coreloss), power consumption will lead to inductor temperature rise, the general operating temperature of a certain range, such as WE's inductance allowed Operating temperature: -40 ¡ã C - + 125 ¡ã C, ambient temperature: -40 ¡ã C to + 85 ¡ã C. In order for the inductor to operate in a certain temperature range, the inductor manufacturer will give a "current based on the inductor temperature rise", ie, the Heating Value, which is defined by the thermal effect of the current on the inductor. In the manual of the branch's inductance, this current is expressed as Idc (DC current).

2, Saturation Current

Inductor DC current of power inductors manufacturers , the inductance of the magnetic permeability of the value will gradually decrease, so the inductance will slow down. Inductance manufacturers will be based on the inductance of the inductance value of the decline in the rated current as the target, "based on the rate of change in the inductance of the rated current", that is, Saturation Current, most inductance manufacturers will reduce the inductance of 20% through the inductor DC current Rated current. The following figure is a diagram of the inductance value vs. current of an inductance of Wurth Company. The inductance specification sets the saturation current to a current value of 10.6% when the inductance value drops by 10%. If the saturation current is set to a current value when the inductance is reduced by 20%, it is approximately 18.2A.

So in the actual use, in simple terms, the general choice of two current value which is relatively small as the design limit.

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